Additional Exports

addEffectAdds a global render callback which is called each frame
addAfterEffectAdds a global after-render callback which is called each frame
addTailAdds a global callback which is called when rendering stops
buildGraphCollects nodes and materials from a THREE.Object3D
flushGlobalEffectsFlushes global render-effects for when manually driving a loop
invalidateForces view global invalidation
advanceAdvances the frameloop (given that it's set to 'never')
extendExtends the native-object catalogue
createPortalCreates a portal (it's a React feature for re-parenting)
createRootCreates a root that can render three JSX into a canvas
eventsDom pointer-event system
applyPropsapplyProps(element, props) sets element properties,
actusage with react-testing
useInstanceHandleExposes react-internal local state from instance.__r3f