Things that could catch you off guard

Consuming context from a foreign provider

At the moment React context can not be readily used between two renderers, this is due to a problem within React. If ReactDOM opens up a provider, you will not be able to consume it within <Canvas>. If managing state (like Redux) is your problem, then Zustand is likely the best solution, otherwise you can solve it by forwarding the context object that you are trying to access:

function App() {
  const value = useContext(context)
  return (
      <context.Provider value={value}>
        {/* children can now read state from context */}

There's also a ready-made solution in Drei: useContextBridge which allows you to forward contexts provided above the <Canvas /> to be consumed within it.

import { useContextBridge } from "@react-three/drei"

function SceneWrapper() {
  // bridge any number of contexts
  const ContextBridge = useContextBridge(ThemeContext, GreetingContext)
  return (
        <Scene />

function Scene() {
  // we can now consume a context within the Canvas
  const theme = React.useContext(ThemeContext)
  const greeting = React.useContext(GreetingContext)
  return (