Allows you to tie HTML content to any object of your scene. It will be projected to the objects whereabouts automatically.

  prepend // Project content behind the canvas (default: false)
  center // Adds a -50%/-50% css transform (default: false) [ignored in transform mode]
  fullscreen // Aligns to the upper-left corner, fills the screen (default:false) [ignored in transform mode]
  distanceFactor={10} // If set (default: undefined), children will be scaled by this factor, and also by distance to a PerspectiveCamera / zoom by a OrthographicCamera.
  zIndexRange={[100, 0]} // Z-order range (default=[16777271, 0])
  portal={domnodeRef} // Reference to target container (default=undefined)
  transform // If true, applies matrix3d transformations (default=false)
  sprite // Renders as sprite, but only in transform mode (default=false)
  calculatePosition={(el: Object3D, camera: Camera, size: { width: number; height: number }) => number[]} // Override default positioning function. May be removed in the future (default=undefined) [ignored in transform mode]
  {...groupProps} // All THREE.Group props are valid
  {...divProps} // All HTMLDivElement props are valid

The rendertarget is automatically disposed when unmounted.

Only works in the DOM